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Bed Rotting: Self Care or Sleep Sabotage?

In the relentless pace of our modern lives, the notion of lingering in bed a little longer - a practice now termed "bed rotting" - sounds appealing. For women navigating the challenging terrain of menopause, this curious act of luxury and lethargy could be considered an antidote to life's pressures. But as with any trend, it's essential to weigh its merits against potential pitfalls. Is bed rotting an act of self-care, or does it tread the dangerous line of self-sabotage?  What is bed ...

How Being Grateful is Good for Your Well-Being

As meditation, mindfulness, and self-care continue to garner attention in the health and wellness world, there is increasing evidence that the practice of gratitude can have profound impacts on a person’s emotional and physical health.

How health coaching works

When it comes to improving your health, information is useless without implementation. Oftentimes, women are left on their own, with no support, to make the changes they need to truly live a thriving life.


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