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  • Are you approaching menopause and feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and unsure how to manage your symptoms?
  • Do you feel like you're constantly running at half-speed, struggling to meet the demands of work, family and life?

  • Do you wish you could ditch the fatigue and brain fog, and instead tap into your full potential to live a vibrant life?

I help women struggling with stress, fatigue and fluctuating hormones to make lifestyle changes that help them manage their symptoms, get a good night’s sleep, and thrive through perimenopause and menopause.

For many, sleep problems are the first sign that their hormones may be shifting, and that they may be entering perimenopause - the transition leading up to your last period. And let’s face it, sleep deprivation makes everything worse!

But you don’t have to suffer - and you definitely don’t have to work it out on your own. I’m here to help you reclaim control, and get you back on track towards a thriving, fulfilling life.

Introducing the Thrive Over 40 Self Care Framework

My Thrive Over 40 Framework comprises six key pillars:

  • Sleep: Rest and recovery is vital to a thriving life, which is why we make sleep a priority. Improve your sleep quality, establish a bedtime routine, manage insomnia, and create a sleep-friendly environment that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer your day.

  • Nutrition: Eating nourishing foods can give you more energy, improved mental clarity, and help you maintain a healthy weight for your body. 

  • Movement: Move your body with joy and intention. Whether that means working out in the gym, hiking in nature, or dancing in your living room.

  • Stress Management: Learn stress reduction techniques, including meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and time management strategies. 

  • Connection: Meaningful social connections are essential for your emotional and mental health. We explore ways to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones, including support groups, social activities, and communication skills to foster deeper connections with loved ones and peers experiencing similar life changes.

  • Mindset:  Together, we'll work on cultivating a positive outlook, self-compassion, and resilience. You'll learn techniques to embrace the changes that come with menopause as opportunities for personal growth and transformation. 

Why is sleep so important at this stage of life?

Sleep is essential for good health at any age, but it is especially important for women over 40.

As women go through menopause, they often experience changes in their sleep patterns, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night, and waking up too early in the morning. These changes can lead to fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

Good sleep is essential for peak physical and mental health. A good night’s sleep will help to regulate your hormones, boost your immune system, and improve mood. It also helps to improve cognitive function, including memory and decision-making.

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Peri Hour of Power

THRIVE+ Menopause Makeover

REMedy Sleep Reset

When stress becomes a barrier to achieving better wellbeing, hormone balance, and more joy in your life, it’s time to make some changes. Join me for an empowering one-hour coaching consultation where we tackle stress head-on and take control of your perimenopause journey.

Menopause can be a time of change for women, and sometimes it can leave you feeling a little lost. Feel your best again, with my THRIVE+ Menopause Makeover. Over the course of 12-weeks, we’ll tackle nutrition, sleep, stress and much more, and set you on a path to making you feel great again. 

Regain control of your nights and embrace a restful sleep with REMedy, a supportive 6-week sleep coaching program designed specifically for women experiencing sleep challenges in perimenopause.

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